About us

Seupha Studio is a dream that came to reality for me, Sofie. It all started in my little sewing corner in my room in 2023. I have always loved fashion. When I realized that I could make my own clothes and never have a clothing crisis again, I couldn’t resist to share my designs with all of you.

In our company we aim to make designs, that everyone feels comfortable and confident in. We hope to make styles that will complete any girls wardrobe, both with simple staple pieces that can be styled in any way, but also pieces with their own little twists by taking some everyday designs and make them a little extra. Our pieces are not just basics, but the foundation of your own unique style.

We believe that a sustainable piece of clothes not only equals sustainable materials but a sustainable design too. A design that you want to wear over and over again for several occasions.

Another prioritized thing at Seupha Studio, is the realness of our models and our pictures. None of our pictures are edited or retouched. We’re all about keeping it real. Our models are everyday people, showing off our clothes from all angles. We understand the importance of a safe and welcoming space for shopping.

Seupha Studio aims to provide just that. Our authentic modeling photos are allowing you to see exactly how our products fit and flatter. We try to show every side and “function” of the clothes we sell so you know exactly what you are buying and that the piece of clothing you receive matches your expectations. We want Seupha Studio to be a safe space, and aim to make everyone feel comfortable when shopping on our website.

Every piece at Seupha Studio is made with love from top to bottom and are made to order. Which means when you order a piece, it will be made specially for you. The shipping will therefore be a little longer depending on how many pieces are in production. We believe in that small steps make big results.

Seupha Studio is here to bring you fashion that is not just cool but conscious too. Shop your heart out and lets make your wardrobe shine.